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Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Digestive Tract and Periodic Paralysis


The Digestive Tract and Periodic Paralysis

We were asked in our Periodic Paralysis Network Support Group today if anyone with Periodic Paralysis (PP) has ongoing digestive problems. My answer is YES; I do have severe gastric/digestive issues, as do many of us in this group with Periodic Paralysis. It seems the PP can affect our digestive tract. We can have issues from acid reflux, constipation and gastritis to paralytic ileus* (malfunction of the muscles in the intestine) and the acidity issue can also be related to PP because we tend to have chronic metabolic acidosis of which acid reflux can be a symptom.

I have ended up in the ER/hospital twice in the past three years with digestive issues and am going through the cycle again right now. Over one year's time, my daughter was in the hospital 9 times with the longest stay 40 days and she lost 90 pounds during that year, dealing with paralytic ileus and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS).

We control our acid reflux with a pH balanced diet which keeps our acidity levels in balance. Diet and managing our potassium/electrolyte levels is especially important for those with PP for many reasons, to include managing our digestive tract, from beginning to end.

*“Paralytic ileus is the occurrence of intestinal blockage in the absence of an actual physical obstruction. This type of blockage is caused by a malfunction in the nerves and muscles in the intestine that impairs digestive movement. Causes of paralytic ileus include electrolyte imbalances… ",intestine%20that%20impairs%20digestive%20movement.

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