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Monday, January 16, 2017

Providing HOPE to over 625 Members Now!!!

Congratulations to us at the Periodic Paralysis Network Support, Education and Advocacy Group...We are now providing HOPE to over 625 members all over the world!!

Our Website, other discussion groups/boards, books and activities available through PPN:

The following are the services and features of our PPN forum:

PPN Website:

PPN Books:

"Living With Periodic Paralysis: The Mystery Unraveled"

"The Periodic Paralysis Guide And Workbook: Be The Best You Can Be Naturally"

Video about this Guide and Workbook:

"A Bill Of Rights For Periodic Paralysis Patients"

"What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Disease Like No Other"

Our books are also found on


our PPN website:

PPN Blog:

PPN Book Discussion Group:

PPN Genealogy Discussion Group:

PPNI Genetics Discussion and Research Group:

The PPN Learning Center and Workshop:

Periodic Paralysis Caregivers:

PP and Co-existing Conditions:

PP Buddies (Support when in an emergency)

PPN Website Facebook Page:

PPN Author's Page:




Video about Periodic Paralysis:


Periodic Paralysis World Awareness Day Page:

Please check out our PPN Members World Map:

Thank you all for your support

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