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Thursday, November 9, 2017

725 Members!!!!

We at the Periodic Paralysis Network are now providing HOPE, SUPPORT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY to over 725 members worldwide!!!

The following are the services and features of our PPN forum:

PPN Website: PPN Support Group:

PPN Books:
"Living With Periodic Paralysis: The Mystery Unraveled"

"The Periodic Paralysis Guide And Workbook: Be The Best You Can Be Naturally"

"A Bill Of Rights For Periodic Paralysis Patients"

"What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Disease Like No Other"

Our books are found on

PPN Blog:
We have over 140 blog articles written about all aspects of Periodic Paralysis.The Blog was created to provide information to all of our members, as well as, family members, friends and medical professionals who want to know more about Periodic Paralysis.

PPN Book Discussion Group:
We have a discussion board to discuss specifically the issues and aspects of Periodic Paralysis found in our books.

PPN Genealogy Discussion Group:
This group was designed for discussion and research into the genealogy of those families with Periodic Paralysis in the hopes of finding links and perhaps a new way to get a diagnosis.

PPNI Genetics Discussion and Research Group:
The Periodic Paralysis Network Inc. (PPNI) Genetics Discussion and Research Group is designed for discussion and research into the genetics of the many forms of Periodic Paralysis.

The PPN Learning Center and Workshop:
We have web cam or live video group sessions periodically for education, support and discussion. Please watch for announcements and invitations to RSVP.

Periodic Paralysis Caregivers:
The Periodic Paralysis Caregiver Group is designed to assist the caregivers of those individuals with Periodic Paralysis. This could include parents, children, siblings, friends, grandparents or anyone else who is responsible to care for anyone who has any form of Periodic Paralysis. This group is an extension of the Periodic Paralysis Support Group.

PP and Co-existing Conditions:
This group is designed for those who have Periodic Paralysis and other co-existing conditions. The PPN Support, Education and Advocacy Group is geared for discussions about Periodic Paralysis only.

PP Buddies (Support when in an emergency)
This 'PP Buddies Group' is designed for members of the PPN Support, Education and Advocacy Group. Anyone can join who may need help or assistance in the ER or in an emergency and anyone who would like to 'buddy with' or help them at those times. We do not want to see anyone who is frightened or new to PP, have to go through these experiences alone. Using IM, Chat, Skype or exchanging phone numbers ahead of time may be helpful.

PPN Website Facebook Page:
Our PPN Facebook Page is designed to share more general information and articles related to Periodic Paralysis, Chronic Illness and Invisible Illness. It is also designed to share with family members and friends to provide them with a better understanding about PP, chronic and invisible illness.

PPN Author's Page:
Fun posts shared relating to writing and reading books.

Video about Periodic Paralysis:

(I am not good at Twitter..let me know if you would like to help with this.)

Periodic Paralysis World Awareness Day Page:
This page was created to bring awareness to the world about Periodic Paralysis. We have declared and observe 'Periodic Paralysis World Awareness Day' February 7th each year!

Please check out our PPN Members World Map:
Let us know if you want to be added to our map!

Thank you all for your support
Calvin Hunter and Susan Q. Knittle-Hunter
Co-Founders, Co-Creators, Co-Managers
Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc.
Sequim, Washington U.S.A.
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