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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Happy 6th Anniversary to Our PPN Blog!!

Happy 6th Anniversary to our PPN Blog!!
Six years ago today we created our PPN blog called 'Living with Periodic Paralysis: The Blog' and posted our first Blog Article. We now have posted over 160 Blog Articles related to Periodic Paralysis!
Below is a list of the articles and their links.

List and Links of PPN Blog Articles
(This begins with the most recent articles and scrolls down to older articles)

An Overview Of Fighting For And Receiving A Diagnosis For Periodic Paralysis

Not Everyone With Periodic Paralysis Needs To Be Taking Potassium Supplementation

I Repeat: No Drugs, People With PP Should Not Even Take Over-The-Counter Drugs

What Is Periodic Paralysis? (2) (For Those Who Are Interested And For New Members)

Periodic Paralysis IS Life Threatening

How Many People Really Have Andersen-Tawil Syndrome?? More than 100!!

How To Manage Our Periodic Paralysis Symptoms Naturally: Total Balance And Proper Diet

Periodic Paralysis: Secondary Causes???

Balance and Periodic Paralysis

Warning About Free Genetic Testing For Periodic Paralysis

Hope And Living With Periodic Paralysis, A Chronic Illness

Now providing HOPE, SUPPORT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY to over 700 members worldwide!!!

RARE Champion of Hope Award

Providing HOPE, SUPPORT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY to over 650 members!!

Rare Disease Day February 28, 2017

Best Way to Share Awareness of Periodic Paralysis With Others

Periodic Paralysis World Awareness Day 2017

PPN Sixth Anniversary of Providing HOPE!!!!

Providing HOPE to over 625 Members Now!!!

Bringing Hope To Over 600 Members Now!!

Over 575 Members!!

Our Newest Book: "What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Disease Like No Other"

Congratulations Periodic Paralysis Network!!! Over 50,000 views!!!!!

550 Members!!!

Over 525 Members!!

This is good news and bad news!!! We now have over 500 members!!

Rare Disease Day Photo

What is Periodic Paralysis?? For "Rare Disease Day"

Happy 5th Anniversary PPN and Periodic Paralysis Awareness Day!!

Periodic Paralysis Awareness Campaign!!

475 Members!!!

Average Number of Paralytic Attacks Per Year?

Normokalemic Periodic Paralysis Update

Periodic Paralysis World Awareness Day February 7, 2016

Periodic Paralysis And Co-existing Medical Conditions

450 Members!!!!

Happy Second Anniversary For Our PPN Blog!!

Permanent Muscle Weakness (Revised)

Invisible Illness Week!! Periodic Paralysis Awareness!!

Our Latest Book: "A Bill Of Rights For Periodic Paralysis Patients" the first in our A.S.E.A.Series

"New" Drug For Periodic Paralysis $163.80 For One 50mg Tablet!! (Revision)

Over 425 Members Now!!!

The Truth About The “New” Drug For Periodic Paralysis: It Is Not New

A New Drug For Periodic Paralysis? Helpful Or More Of The Same?

Bill of Rights for Periodic Paralysis Patients

Scandinavian Periodic Paralysis Support Group

Identify And Eliminate The Triggers Of Periodic Paralysis: Part Two

Identify And Eliminate The Triggers Of Periodic Paralysis: Part One

Trying To Balance My Life-Periodic Paralysis! Guest Blog Article from Julie Nielsen Cabitto

Periodic Paralysis and Depression

Over 400 Members!!!!!

Doctors Not Being Held Accountable: The Periodic Paralysis Diagnosis By Guest Blogger Maureen McCutcheon

375 Members!!!

A Poor 'Product' That is Being Called 'Medical Care': By Maureen McCutcheon

How To Get A Periodic Paralysis Diagnosis: “Hit Them Between The Eyes With The Facts”

Periodic Paralysis and "Post Traumatic Medical Stress Disorder" (PTMSD)

Phishing Scam Using Our Book...Please Beware.....

Periodic Paralysis and the EMG (CMAP)

350 Members!!

Happy Periodic Paralysis Awareness Day and Happy Fourth Anniversary for PPNI!!!!

Compilation of Articles Written About Drugs and Periodic Paralysis

325 Members!!

The Survey Results: Part One

The Connection Between Mitochondria and Autoimmune Disease in Periodic Paralysis

Genetic Mutation Overview

Our New Book!!! The Periodic Paralysis Guide And Workbook

"Living with Periodic Paralysis: The Blog" Happy First Anniversary!!


Bravelets Cause!!

300 Members!!!

Periodic Paralysis Awareness GoFundMe

"This is Not an Acceptable Way to Make a Diagnosis" Guest Blogger

Conversion Disorder Again?? Really??

Why haven't they done genetic testing?

The Incorporation of Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc (PPNI)

GeneticTesting Should Be For Any Mutation Close To The Relevant Gene

"Why Do You Need A Diagnosis?"

Someone who understands (Guest Writer Maureen)

Pain and Periodic Paralysis

275 Members!!

Our Members Around the World!!

All patients should be treated with dignity! Guest Blogger: Maria Pinzon

250 Members!!!!

Exercise Intolerance

Types of Potassium

Open Letter To Doctors by Guest Writer, Carolanne

Beware Of "Off-Label" Drugs

"This Book Lead To My Genetic Diagnosis Of Anderson-Tawil Syndrome II": Book Review by Guest Blogger Tammy

Changing Lives Naturally

Paramyotonia Congenita: Another Form Of Periodic Paralysis

New Discoveries

200 Members!!

A Reply to a ‘Conversion Disorder’ Diagnosis by Guest Blogger Maureen

The Challenges of Periodic Paralysis by Guest Writer


Periodic Paralysis vs Cancer

Standard Healthy Eating Is Not Best For Individuals With PP

The Periodic Paralysis Network

Periodic Paralysis Network Diagnosis Project Part Two

Periodic Paralysis Network Diagnosis Project

Our Diagnostic Rights

The Five Stages of Loss in Chronic Illness

Clinical Diagnosis vs Genetic Diagnosis

Rare Disease Day!!!


Over 150 Members Now!!!

Metabolic Acidosis and pH Balance

Periodic Paralysis and Anesthesia

Some Forms of Periodic Paralysis are Worsened by Diamox

No Tourniquet Please!!!

Happy Anniversary to US!!!

The Truth About Diagnosing and Treating Periodic Paralysis

What is Normokalemic Periodic Paralysis?

My Story: How I Got My Diagnosis Of Periodic Paralysis

What is Periodic Paralysis?

A Message To Our Non-English Speaking Members

Dysautonomia and Periodic Paralysis

Isolated Diastolic Hypotension and High Pulse Pressure

What is an Ion Channelopathy?

Permanent Muscle Weakness in Periodic Paralysis...Continued

Permanent Muscle Weakness in Periodic Paralysis

What is Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis?

The Effects Of Periodic Paralysis Cannot Be Minimized For Most Of Us

Periodic Paralysis and New Years Resolutions January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!! December 31, 2013

Monitoring Vital Signs For Individuals With Periodic Paralysis

Why People With Some Forms Of Periodic Paralysis Should Not Use Intravenous Therapy (IVs).

Why We Should NOT TAKE DRUGS: Idiosyncratic and Paradoxical Reactions To Drugs

Finding a Doctor Who Cares

Periodic Paralysis and Metabolic Acidosis

What is Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis?

Hope For Individuals With Periodic Paralysis

Conversion Disorder vs Periodic Paralysis

What is Andersen-Tawil Syndrome?

What is Sotos Syndrome?

How Many People in the World Have Periodic Paralysis?

Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Emergency Room

Periodic Paralysis and the ER…The Narrative

When to Call For an Ambulance


Pharmaceuticals Are Not the Answer For Some Rare Diseases

Periodic Paralysis and Balance

Periodic Paralysis Diet

Periodic Paralysis and Iatrogenic Illness?

Walking the Tightrope Using The Plan

My Power Wheelchair

The How and Why of our Book?? 'Living With Periodic Paralysis: The Mystery Unraveled'

Emergency Instruction Chart

Episodes of Paralysis Continued

Episodes of Paralysis

Diagnosis Continued

The Diagnosis

Potassium and Potassium Meters

What is Periodic Paralysis??

Welcome to the world of Periodic Paralysis!