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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What Is Periodic Paralysis? (2) (For Those Who Are Interested And For New Members)

What Is Periodic Paralysis? (2)
(For Those Who Are Interested And For New Members)
A List of Links to Blog Articles About Periodic Paralysis and the Various Forms

PP is so very complex..... It is confusing.....there are different forms...the cause of the symptoms and paralysis are due to different processes. Some of the symptoms are the same and some are different. Most members join us with an idea of the form they have. But confusion comes if we have other medical conditions. Then the symptoms can be different or worse. Also the triggers that set our symptoms into motion can make the symptoms different. Drugs can add to the confusion and are our worst triggers.


  1. This is the weirdest and most complicated illness. You have to be a strong person to endure the extraordinary amount of care we have to give ourselves in order to cope with the massive amount of symptoms and symptoms changes. It takes quite a bit of monitoring to try to maintain the smallest amount of stability of health. Since I met Susan Knittle-Hunter on line and join her support group I have done better with the knowledge of PP I've learned. Knowledge is healing for us.

  2. Thank you Tanya. We are so happy to know that we have helped you and made a difference in your life.