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Friday, November 22, 2013

Walking the Tightrope Using The Plan November 22, 1013

Hello All,


Several members have been having suffering with ups and downs of their symptoms and also develop new symptoms without knowing what if triggering it. The following is what I wrote this morning.

”I am so sorry you are going through this. I have to admit that I too, have been on the same roller coaster for quite awhile, however, in the past few days I made some important discoveries for myself, and maybe for others. This is what I have discovered:

I posted the following yesterday in response to a question about potassium gluconate. It is so simple but had a profound effect on me:

Differences in the three main types of potassium:

Potassium citrate (and potassium bicarbonate) is alkaline, potassium gluconate is neutral PH, potassium chloride is acidic.

Periodic Paralysis is a metabolic disorder and we can have issues with being out of balance metabolically. We can become acidic or alkalinic. I know that I have issues with chronic metabolic acidosis and lactic acidosis. I have been diagnosed with both and keep track using a pH meter. So, if you tend to be acidic (metabolic acidosis or lactic acidosis) potassium citrate (and bicarbonate) might be best. If you tend to be alkalinic (metabolic alkalosis) potassium chloride might be best. If you do not have acidosis or alkalosis than gluconate may be best..."

If we do not maintain that balance we become unsteady on that tightrope we must walk! We have to maintain that is a constant battle!

So realizing I was out-of-balance, over a period of several weeks, I stopped taking my potassium bicarbonate (and before that I was taking potassium citrate). I was still having issues so a few days ago, I stopped taking my magnesium citrate and calcium citrate and pro-biotics and my V-8 juice in the morning.

For as many days, I have not had the issues I was over-all fogginess, depression, cranky, agitated, severe fatigue and muscle weakness and what I can only describe as a feeling of "uuuuuhhhhhhh"...what I have considered to be an "abortive attack".

My conclusion is this: In our book, Living With Periodic Paralysis:The Mystery Unraveled describe "walking the tightrope"...walking that fine line ...we must stay in perfect balance... and we do that by following the "Plan" or we have symptoms of all kinds depending on what is out of balance...So...I apparently, got into balance doing all I was doing, but by continuing things I no longer needed, I was making myself sick again with too much of I did not need to continue with potassium bicarbonate routinely because by doing so I was becoming hyperkalemic...if I took more potassium thinking I needed it based on my symptoms.,. I was making it worse. I was also probably making myself too alkaline. I stopped it weeks ago but after doing fine for a few days I went downhill again.

After stopping the magnesium citrate and calcium citrate both alkalinic, probiotics and V-8, I have not had any of the usual symptoms, except for the day I went shopping with Calvin. That evening, I had extreme muscle weakness and shakiness. BUT...I did not have the other symptoms mentioned above, I was clear-headed and even-tempered and no "uuuuhhhh" feeling. (Proof of my exercise intolerance or exertion as a trigger. But also proof that exercise and exertion did not necessarily cause my other symptoms.)

My conclusions: I may need potassium at any given time depending on my symptoms, but not necessarily routinely. I may have needed magnesium and calcium for a while, but taking it routinely, may be making me worse. The V8 juice is probably more sodium and potassium than I need right now or it may be just one of them causing the issue. I will test it by introducing just one of them back into my routine at a time, until I feel those symptoms again. Then I will know which was the trigger.

The key for me is moderation in all to maintain that balance. Low salt, not no salt, low sugar, not no sugar (use my glucose meter), potassium if the potassium reader indicates I am low, no potassium bicarbonate unless I am acidic, no potassium chloride unless I am alkalinic (use my pH meter) and of course follow the pH balanced diet.

Will I still have bad days? Yes. Will I have more good days? Yes. Will I have to work at it? Absolutely. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes.

Until later...

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  1. Great read on the differences of potassium and how the affect different needs. I am just starting to read about PP as I had my first incident two weeks ago. After having more than I can count symptoms over the last year and a half, I tried a ketogenic diet out of desperation since my Dr. could not explain the low blood sugar type issues without actually having low blood sugar. I figured I was insulin resistant and needed to cut back on carbs. It was going pretty good until after 3 days I started having incredibly scary air hunger. I desperately searched for information regarding these symptoms connected to the diet and only managed to find one small amount of info regarding a problem with electrolytes causing this symptom and needing to increase them. So I started chugging back the electrolytes and ate some crackers after about a half hour I could breath again. This has been an ongoing struggle and so frustrating since the entire medical community that im dealing with keeps telling me "all your blood tests are normal, all your scans are normal" Im so tired of hearing how everything is "normal" I could scream! Stumbling onto your blog has been the biggest relief and saddest thing that has happened in a while for me. Relief because I never thought I would read so much information that not only sounds familiar but describes EXACTLY my symptoms and sad for two reasons. One I dont know how likely it will be that this will actually get diagnosed for me (especially since I was just told by my Dr that I likely have conversions disorder) and two cause having something like this does not only affect me but my children and husband and everyone around me. My kids especially because I dont know if I have passed this on to them.....whatever "this" is. Thank you for all of your work in researching information, sharing your struggles and continuing to push on with so many of your own changing struggles