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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Periodic Paralysis and New Years Resolutions January 1, 2014

Hello All,

I hope you all got through last night and into this morning without any problems. Calvin and I never sit up until midnight anymore but rather choose to watch and celebrate as the ball drops in New York, three hours earlier.

Without any warning, mid-sentence in conversation with Calvin, about 2 hours before the ball was to drop, I went into full-body paralysis. I was barely coming out of it and could open my eyes just in time to see the ball drop. I cried because I was not able to hug Calvin or kiss him back at "our" midnight. He helped me to bed and I fell asleep. At midnight I woke up in full paralysis again and heard the fireworks going off nearby and in the distance.

I woke up this morning coming out of full paralysis, as usual....and am still very close to going back into it again.....I hope this is not all a preview of what lies ahead for my New Year. First Christmas morning and now New Years Eve.....

Time to review what I am doing or not doing that may be causing this...for each episode, I know that the culprit seems to be my is the exercise intolerance. I must not do anything that exerts myself in any way. It is so feel good and then do things a normal person would do.....prepare a simple meal...prepare a salad, etc and then go into full-body paralysis.

My episode last night was different than usual. the muscles in my body, but mostly left lower leg, at intervals of about 60 seconds to two minutes, tightened up into painful cramps, then released a little before the next one. My leg did not release like the rest of my body and by the time I came out of it,  it was painfully contracted and twisted with my foot turning in. This morning my left leg and foot are in pain.

So after an increase in paralysis episodes and 2 TIA's in recent months, my New Years resolution must be to let Calvin do more and I must do less...I must also rest more and stop pushing myself...and I am going to review and tighten up my pH balanced diet.....

Thank you all for your continuing support and friendship.

Until later...

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