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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Message To Our Non-English Speaking Members

Hello All,

My blog today is for my friends and members from countries outside of the United States. Over the past year or two, I have been in contact with people who have various forms of Periodic Paralysis from many different countries including Mexico, Argentina, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland, Iraq, Pakistan, and many more. I have spent many hours translating back and forth but I have never been sure that my translations were correct. I have never been able to say what needed to be said in the ways it needed to be said. Much was lost in the translation.

I have felt helpless when I received messages and emails asking me for help or advice and I have not been able to provide the information or help that was needed. In some cases, I have been able to arrange for others who speak the language to provide some help, but not the type of help I would like to provide.

I have had two small strokes in the past few months and I have become more ill, much weaker and have little energy to do everything I want and need to do. So, I have had to eliminate some of the things I was doing. Translating is something I have had to stop for now. Please do not think I am ignoring you or have forgotten you. I created this blog partly to help with this problem. The blog translates easily into any language. My hope is that all of you in the other countries can now read the important information I needed to translate and pass on to you in order to help you.

Most of you ask for doctors who can diagnose and treat you. This is impossible for me because, even here in the United States, there are very few doctors who can or will help or understand Periodic Paralysis. Not even the specialist will help or understand it on a level that can help us. They are mostly working on research.

I have had one non-English speaking member tell me that until he read my blogs, he had no idea that others had the same symptoms he has and that those symptoms were a part of Periodic Paralysis. I hope that now, our non-English speaking members can know the important things they need to know, in order to understand more about Periodic Paralysis and treat their symptoms.
Avoiding our triggers and changing our diet are two of the most important we things we can do to stop our paralysis. Medications can help some people but not everyone can take the medications. Most doctors cannot help us, unless we educate them.
Please ask me questions or ask me to explain things you still do not understand. I am here to help.
Thank you for your support.

Until later…

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