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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Best Way to Share Awareness of Periodic Paralysis With Others

Hello All,

Yesterday was Periodic Paralysis World Awareness Day. One of the best ways we can make people and doctors aware of the various forms of Periodic Paralysis is to share our latest book with them. I wrote it for this very reason. The first two books were written to help you understand PP and manage your "be the best you can be" and to be able to get a diagnosis. The 'Bill of Rights' book is to help to empower you as you deal with the medical professionals in your know your rights as they try to take them away from you or intimidate you. The fourth and final book "What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Book Like No Other" was written to share with all of those people in your life who need to know about and understand PP and how it affects you. It was designed to be personalized by you...there are places for you to fill in your own information if you want to share it affects you personally (This is also the way the Workbook was designed).

"What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Book Like No Other" can be purchased at CreateSpace:


Proceeds from the book...a few dollars each...goes back into our help run our organization and to purchase books for those who cannot afford them or passing them along to doctors, etc...for awareness and education.

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